Thursday, February 20, 2020


Here's a chaise that had been lingering in the owner's attic for years. The arrival of her best friend's new grand daughter prompted her to give the old chaise a new life and give an epic gift to a young family. With the new mommy's input on color we came up with a slipcover design that can last from babyhood to adulthood.

A quality piece of furniture, it's original upholstery is stained and tired. That's just as well because I was free to snip off the remaining buttons and remove the gathered skirt. After a pretty exhaustive search we settled on this lavender cotton duck from Carr Textiles, with white duck for the cording and skirt band. The best choice turned out to also be the most economical. I pre-washed all the fabric and serge-finished the edges so the slipcover can be washed. 

Because there is not a separate cushion I added velcro to the front corded edge from arm to arm to keep the fabric from shifting. This was such a fun and rewarding project and I know it's young owner will enjoy it  for many years to come. 

Monday, January 21, 2019


Happy New Year! My reponsibilities as a daughter have  grown over the past several months and I'm so grateful for understanding owners who were willing to wait for their projects.
Finding the time to sew is one thing, but finding the extra time to document them here turns out to be quite another. Thus, it's been awhile...

The owner of this wing chair chose blush pink velvet from the Suzanne Kasler collection at Ballard Designs. Let me just tell you, this stuff feels even better than it looks, and it looks amazing!

Velvet can be tricky but this one apparently really wanted to be a slipcover because it behaved perfectly. What is not to love?


Monday, October 1, 2018


Thrift store and antique mall shopping success requires dedication. I admit to being a hit or miss thrifter but the happy owner of this little gem is a die-hard regular and knew he had struck gold when he spied a Hickory Chair piece hiding amongst the junk for a steal.

I'm calling it a wing/parsons chair hybrid. The bottom half looks and sits like a smaller scale wing chair but the back is straight and simple, Quite possibly there's an actual name for this style of chair but it's not in my vocabulary so please educate me if anyone knows it. Whatever it is, it's definitely lovely, high quality and perfectly scaled for his space. The upholstery however is dingy and tired.

And here we are with a Ralph Lauren-esque slipcover. So handsome and chic!

Those "telephone" arms and curved front are challenging with a solid fabric so this plaid, while gorgeous, was really a pain.  At first glance, you probably can't tell it isn't upholstered, which is really the way I like to make slipcovers when possible. The owner is over the moon with his "new" chair!

On a housekeeping note, I've been really terrible about keeping this blog updated with projects.  Rather than not share them, I've just added them to the pages that apply. There are mostly slipcovers so check out that tab if you're interested in seeing what's new. Now that I feel "caught up," I plan to try harder to share completed work here.

Thanks for reading!!


Sunday, May 6, 2018

THE $2 CHAIR 2.0

This little chair was $2 at our Salvation Army. It weighs more than most full size club chairs and is made with the kind of construction that doesn't really exist any more. I guess you would call it a
"boudoir" chair due to the petite scale, probably originally intended to be used in a lady's bedroom.

It had been languishing in "inventory" in our garage when my daughter claimed it for her first apartment. She originally chose a navy/white stripe- a Premier Prints fabric from my sewing room stash.

It eventually moved from her living room to her bedroom where she "didn't really love the blue and white." Hmmm. Have I created a monster?  She sent me her idea...

Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon fabric, only $190.00 per yard. Uh, no. 

Fortunately, we found a great substitute that she loved almost as much.  Dwell Studio's Ming Dragon at a much more affordable price of $21.00 per yard. 

And that horrid little ottoman? It was a leftover from her freshman dorm. Ugly for sure, but it's free and offers some needed hidden storage. 

This little chair, like several other great pieces we have found, can stay with her forever. Rather than hitting Ikea or Target, we saw the potential in a gem that may otherwise have been destined for the landfill. I wonder what it will be next?!! 

Thursday, April 19, 2018


I sure do love a camel back sofa. They are kind of old-fashioned and you probably won't see one in a big casual great room setting, but for that smaller or more formal spot they can bring lots of personality to the party. Plus, they love to be slipcovered so I find myself getting to play with them pretty often. It's fun to see the different ways owners choose to dress them up, or down. 

Here are a few recent projects:

Go Bold!! The owner of the owner of this one wouldn't even let it in her new house in the original 90's hunter green and burgundy damask stripe. It positively beams with happiness now in this fun ikat print and will bring so much life to their cozy den/office.  


In this case, the owners simply wanted to lighten things up. This top notch sofa sits in their library/living room. The navy damask upholstery was perfectly lovely but they craved softer, lighter, more casual. The slipcover fabric is a creamy cotton in a looser hopsack weave. Great texture but still elegant enough for their lovely space.

This one was a freebie that the owner scored in her travels. The wine colored moire cotton was definitely too staid and boring for her art-filled eclectic little house.  She fell for a fabric that had just barely 13 yards remaining on the bolt. I had estimated 13 yards for a solid, and this giant 27" repeat made it a real challenge. I sweated it out but managed to make it work by finding a slubby matte silk that matched the background for cording. 

Monday, April 16, 2018


Haven't we all made that quick purchase to fill an immediate need that doesn't reflect our real style or ever bring us much joy? My closet boasts more than a few such treasures. The owners of this chair have never really loved it and eventually replaced it in their living room with a dreamy new one that speaks their design language perfectly.  

But, what to do with "Big Brown?"  He moved to a guest room but still lurked like an intruder in an otherwise light and restful space. Could he be slipcovered? Absoulutely!

What about fabric? Something light colored, stain proof and sturdy and affordable ... REVOLUTION PERFORMANCE FABRICS. They chose the Hailey line in the lightest shade of Bone. It's definitely an upholstery weight, but worked well over the slippery leather.

This piece was mammoth and had to remain in my garage for his makeover. The owners love the new look. It's an eyesore no more!

Thursday, April 12, 2018


This UDDER MADNESS fabric has been on my Pinterest board forever. I finally got around to ordering some to re-cover the seat on  little thrifted stool.

It has a velvety texture but the hair on hide print is very realistic. And super fun. Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later an owner brought me the very same fabric to slip cover her giant bergere chair!

I love this woman's quirky style. Not many people would be brave enough to put cow print on a fancy french style chair. It definitely makes a statement!

It wasn't the easiest stuff to work with for a slipcover on a curvy piece like this. The fabric is quite heavy and doesn't have any stretch at all so I really had to work to get it to fit like this.

At $18/yard it's a pretty affordable way to add a little zip to a room. I have my eye peeled for a thrift store ottoman or bench to use it again. Stay tuned.