Wednesday, October 12, 2022


 The lovely thing about this space is that it sits quietly and waits its turn. I found myself taking the very easy way out and posting projects on Instagram for the last several years, but honestly the introvert in me finds it to be a little too interactive- all the liking and commenting and then replying... And now with everything boomeranging and music blaring on every post-  I  do sound  awfully old and curmudgeonly!  I love Instagram and spend more time than I should on it but maybe it's time to circle back and share some thoughts and pictures here now and then. Let's see how it goes... 

To say much has happened since my last post would be a pretty significant understatement. Covid happened (duh), my mother died (in a nursing home at the beginning of covid so, extra horrible), our son and his family moved to the US from Europe, we welcomed twin grandsons, my father's health declined to the point where we had to move him to an Assisted Living facility, and our daughter got married. So, some pretty tough times and more than plenty of really good ones. 

For now, here's one of a pair of wing chairs that got a little slipcover refresh. Time and the family cat left them looking tired and scarred. The owner chose a graphic print in a similar color to the original upholstery for the new look. I love working on wing chairs. These turned out especially well. I pin fitted one on half, right side out, and then cut identical pieces for the second one. This is a huge time- and back-saver, and gives perfectly identical covers. 





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  1. Pam…I would love to see the backs & undersides of the chairs you make such stunning slipcovers for. Would love to see your zipper placement & how the covers are secured to the bottom or underneath the chair to give such an exquisite newly upholstered look. Thank you & keep posting!