Monday, October 17, 2022

Parsons Chair Slipcovers - Planning Fabric Layout for a Large Repeat

 Fabric update for a pair of parsons chairs. These are such versatile seats and always look great slipcovered. This fabric has a huge repeat but I felt like it needed to have a motif centered on the back and the seat. After playing around with a few options I decided to roughly center the big blue flower on the inside (and outside) back, and also on the seat even though it didn't complete an entire repeat. Then I had the entire design continue down from the seat through the front skirt panel. All the skirt panels are cut from the same horizontal repeat so the designs at the skirt hems are the same all around the chair. That sounds super picky but it does make a difference. 

As usual, I pinned one chair on half right side out and used it as a pattern for the second chair. The skirt panels are lined and since this is decorator fabric and won't be washed, I inserted a piece of buckram (used for stiffening drapery headers) between the face fabric and lining at the hem to give it a nice crisp look. 


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