Monday, October 1, 2018


Thrift store and antique mall shopping success requires dedication. I admit to being a hit or miss thrifter but the happy owner of this little gem is a die-hard regular and knew he had struck gold when he spied a Hickory Chair piece hiding amongst the junk for a steal.

I'm calling it a wing/parsons chair hybrid. The bottom half looks and sits like a smaller scale wing chair but the back is straight and simple, Quite possibly there's an actual name for this style of chair but it's not in my vocabulary so please educate me if anyone knows it. Whatever it is, it's definitely lovely, high quality and perfectly scaled for his space. The upholstery however is dingy and tired.

And here we are with a Ralph Lauren-esque slipcover. So handsome and chic!

Those "telephone" arms and curved front are challenging with a solid fabric so this plaid, while gorgeous, was really a pain.  At first glance, you probably can't tell it isn't upholstered, which is really the way I like to make slipcovers when possible. The owner is over the moon with his "new" chair!

On a housekeeping note, I've been really terrible about keeping this blog updated with projects.  Rather than not share them, I've just added them to the pages that apply. There are mostly slipcovers so check out that tab if you're interested in seeing what's new. Now that I feel "caught up," I plan to try harder to share completed work here.

Thanks for reading!!



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