Tuesday, December 6, 2016


This pair of wing chairs belongs to a DK Designs client. Donna selected an earthy ikat fabric for slipcovers to update them for a new home. 

Friday, December 2, 2016


The owner of this chair uses it to play her piano but the fancy damask upholstery doesn't really suit her new home's cozy cottage style.

Since the chair sits at the piano it is mainly seen from behind  we made the back a little special. 

The fabric is quilting cotton, which is never recommended for home dec use however it's what she had and loved so I made it work by lining the entire thing. If this were anything besides a very occasional use piece I would have recommended choosing something else. A zipper hides under the button placket.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Take a moment to absorb the exquisite horror of these 80's swivel tub chairs...
from the decomposing polished cotton SHIRRED upholstery to the little "decorative" swivel mechanism. Seriously, what were we thinking back then? It was not a good decade for interior design. To their credit, they are made by Thomasville and still going strong on the inside. 

The owner wanted to use drop cloth fabric for slipcovers.  

Here they are now. I kind of feel like Oprah and could swear I heard one of them say "Thank you." 

For the record, I'm not a member of the drop cloth fan club, but when the pieces won't get heavy wear it's hard to argue with a $50 investment in fabric for two chairs. And I have to admit this pair looks marvelous! 

Friday, November 25, 2016


So this was fun! These homeowners needed some functional window treatments for a kitchen with blinding afternoon sun and powder bath window needing privacy.  Using  traditional favorites and some "Pinspiration" we came up with two beautiful roman shades

Classic toile in a simple flat roman shade. I found a new mounting/lift system that is just the bomb! It's a little pricier than the traditional cord lock method but a continuous chain is safer for kids and the streamlined headrail is great for an inside mount application.

Most relaxed roman shades are recommended for show only. The ones you see in magazines always look perfect but in reality they will probably need to be "fixed" every time you raise them. To get the look she wanted and low maintenance function, the lower three pleats are permanent and a weight bar helps them raise neatly.  

Here's the inspiration photo for this curtain:

A little sink skirt was the perfect finishing touch for this charming little bath.


A very close family lost their Mom this year. One of the daughters recalled seeing the pillows I made last year from a grandfather's sweaters and approached me about having some made for her family.

She brought me a pile of her mother's favorite clothing which included her cherished collection of "Life is Good" t-shirts, zip-up sweaters and jeans. 

I wish I could be there to see their faces when the children and grandchildren receive these wonderful gifts.

The print on the t shirts is located very close to the neck so I wasn't able to center it on the pillow as you would expect. This also limited the size because there was only so much space between the armhole seams. They fit a 12x16" insert perfectly. 

I removed the little encouragement from the hem of each shirt and stitched it to the lower corner of each pillow. I used one leg from each pair of jeans for the pillow backs and one leg for the cording. 

Since the sweaters she had were mostly cardigan style, I had to use the backs.I stabilized them with flexible woven interfacing and sent them out to be monogrammed. We used various chenille upholstery swatches for the backs.

It was really a privilege to be part of this bittersweet project. 

Monday, November 7, 2016


I closed up shop for ten days to travel to Belgium and spend some quality Nonny time with this little guy. He's pure delicious joy and we had THE BEST time together. 

My last project before I left was this huge sectional. It's the perfect piece for the family's cozy den, allowing tons of seating without cluttering up the floor space with bulky chairs.

Here's the Before, a forest green jacquard that they were simply tired of...

And here's the After, in a heavy duty washable brushed denim...

Sunday, October 16, 2016


When you're in the thrift store and you spy a piece as charming as this for $100 you do not stop to ponder or it shall be scooped out from under you. 

The homeowner is in the process of decorating a new place at the beach and this Lexington cutie has personality in spades. It looks like it was never used and the down wrapped cushion feels like a cloud.  

While the botanical upholstery would be charming in an English style sunroom, the decor is heading in a more vintage coastal direction and this aqua & cream matelasse is a match made in heaven.  

All that remains is a quick trip to Homegoods for some fun pillows and a cozy throw to dress it up. I love a good thrift store makeover- what a great find!