Saturday, February 6, 2016

Shades of Blue

Look at this sad little thing with OLD tweedy upholstery, a floppy cushion and a prolapsed undercarriage. 

I felt that we had to address the spring situation because they were literally hanging out beneath the chair. Full disclosure, I have no idea how to properly fix this problem, and I didn't take any pictures to show the damage. An upholsterer could take the whole chair apart and re-build it, but this little guy is really just going to sit in a corner and look cute and isn't worth the significant investment to repair. 

My fix? Support the springs with jute webbing stapled to the bottom of the frame. It holds my weight, keeps everything in place and looks nice and neat. 

A new outfit in navy indoor/outdoor poly with some snazzy turquoise trim and he's ready to roll...

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