Thursday, February 4, 2016

And Another Drop Cloth Project!

Does any body use drop cloths for painting any more? Here's another project using them for slipcover fabric. 

An old family chair:

It's kind of a wing chair/club chair hybrid. An oldie-but-still-goodie that's heavy as crap and solid as a rock. 

The owner likes the super casual look of drop cloth and decided it might be fun to let this chair show a little leg. I agree. It looks 50 years younger!

This isn't a tall chair and the legs are quite short, so this is the best I could do without exposing the frame. It's still awfully charming. 

And here's the little ottoman that will be its partner, also slipcovered with a drop cloth in a matching style. I purposely made the boxing equal to that on the chair cushion and had the skirt fall about the same distance from the floor to help them work together. 

For a few more dollars you can really upgrade your look by adding some nice new legs like these...

You may very well see these exact legs on a future project so stay tuned.

And finally, here's our inspiration from Ballard Designs. 

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