Saturday, February 21, 2015

Girly Makeover for a Child's Chair

The big brother in this family had long outgrown his kid sized chair.Not surprisingly, it didn't make the cut when his parents were decorating a bedroom for his new baby sister. Their grandmother, who is one of my best friends, asked me if we could find a way to make it cute enough for a little girly-girl.

 I think we did.

She likes it!

The fabric is a mid-weight cotton twill, pre-washed to make it practical. The monogram (from Pemberton Pharmacy in Salisbury) and the flirty ribbon trimmed box pleats make for one adorable little chair.  

P.S. I was browsing one of my Pinterest Boards and came across this image from Windsor Smith which I am quite sure was my subconscious inspiration for this slipcover. This chair is only $3,200. Yes, that's correct.

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