Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Club Chair Slipcover

Here's a little peek at the before and after of a family heirloom chair that was still going strong but needed a face lift. 

Here's what it looked like when I picked it up. The fabric is a somewhat shiny damask-  a little "granny," because, well, it's probably fifty years old and it actually was Granny's! Aside from the original upholstery, dated detailing and skimpy cushion, this is one solid, well made chair, read- HEAVY!


Here it is now- 

This fabric is a nice blue heavy linen weave with not one bit of shine (except for what my flash gave it). I streamlined the piping, built out the stepped arm fronts so they are flat, and raised the skirt. I also plumped up the attached back cushion with a layer of batting to add a little softness and comfort. I beefed up the cushion quite a bit, so now it has a nice 4" boxing and fills out the chair seat. Plus it is much more comfy now. 


All ready to go home!

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