Thursday, March 6, 2014

Twill Club Chairs

These chairs live in a beautiful home with the most inviting family room in the world (obviously not pictured here). When the humans are not at home, the four legged family members often take advantage of the opportunity to relax in these super comfortable seats. They try, but they don't always wipe their paws before settling in.


The only thing that has worn out on this rock solid furniture is the upholstery. The owners wanted something washable and chose a nice heavy cotton twill that has a casual vibe and can take a beating. I pre-washed and dried the yardage before cutting or pinning, which knocked off some of the original sheen and gave the fabric a softer look and feel.  


I really struggle with exposure in my photography, but the fabric color is most accurate in the top and bottom shots. Only an eagle eye would notice, but I changed the back cushion design to be boxed instead of pleated, which suits the more casual style and will hold it's shape better. I also lengthened the skirts-of course!! 

Better get these back where they belong-I can just picture the sad puppy dog eyes wondering where their chairs went!

*Update: Here's a shot I just received of these chairs in their own home-just lovely!


  1. They look awesome!!!! The dogs can't wait to give them their paws of approval. But they will have to wait to jump on them when we are not around enjoying them ourselves. Loved working with you. You pointed me in the right direction with fabric choice and color. And the turn-around time -- whew. All I can say is that was fast! xo / woof-woof

    1. Thanks, Virginia! I appreciate your friendship and your business!