Thursday, April 12, 2018


This UDDER MADNESS fabric has been on my Pinterest board forever. I finally got around to ordering some to re-cover the seat on  little thrifted stool.

It has a velvety texture but the hair on hide print is very realistic. And super fun. Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later an owner brought me the very same fabric to slip cover her giant bergere chair!

I love this woman's quirky style. Not many people would be brave enough to put cow print on a fancy french style chair. It definitely makes a statement!

It wasn't the easiest stuff to work with for a slipcover on a curvy piece like this. The fabric is quite heavy and doesn't have any stretch at all so I really had to work to get it to fit like this.

At $18/yard it's a pretty affordable way to add a little zip to a room. I have my eye peeled for a thrift store ottoman or bench to use it again. Stay tuned.

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