Monday, April 16, 2018


Haven't we all made that quick purchase to fill an immediate need that doesn't reflect our real style or ever bring us much joy? My closet boasts more than a few such treasures. The owners of this chair have never really loved it and eventually replaced it in their living room with a dreamy new one that speaks their design language perfectly.  

But, what to do with "Big Brown?"  He moved to a guest room but still lurked like an intruder in an otherwise light and restful space. Could he be slipcovered? Absoulutely!

What about fabric? Something light colored, stain proof and sturdy and affordable ... REVOLUTION PERFORMANCE FABRICS. They chose the Hailey line in the lightest shade of Bone. It's definitely an upholstery weight, but worked well over the slippery leather.

This piece was mammoth and had to remain in my garage for his makeover. The owners love the new look. It's an eyesore no more!

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