Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Former neighbors of mine recently moved in to a beautiful brand new home and reached out to see if I could help update a few of the furniture pieces that came along from their previous home.

There's not a thing wrong with them except they didn't love the more angular profile and heavy nailhead trim in their airy new space. They wanted a softer, more welcoming attitude.

The "before"...

They also wanted easy care and after much deliberation decided to go with a super soft Crypton fabric for slipcovers. I hesitated a little because Crypton fabric is spendy and pretty much stain proof- anything is supposed to come out- so why do slipcovers? But they wanted a softer look and loved everything about their furniture except the nailheads, so slipcovers it would be!


It's hard to argue with this result.
Tailored skirts on all three pieces add even more softness. Here's a close up of the fabric, it's as soft as a marshmallow...from a distance it looks white, but up close has a more oatmeal linen appearance.

I loved working with this great couple!

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