Sunday, September 17, 2017


Here's a camelback beauty that has been with its owner for a very long time. 

Years of faithful service have been repayed with a coveted spot in the loft of her new house with sweeping waterviews and beautiful sunsets to enjoy daily. 

The new house called for a more casual look and linen was the perfect casual elegant choice.  This particular fabric is a personal favorite and the same linen/cotton blend used HERE.

Don't you love the addition of a skirt? Me too, it feels so much friendlier now.

A beautiful canvas, ready for lots of pillows, a cozy throw, a juicy book and a killer sunset. Enjoy! 

PS...I continue to stink at photography and editing as evidenced above and the blue, green and pink casts in the images. I would say that the first one is the closest to reality. Apologies!

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