Wednesday, September 14, 2016


 Creative license is wonderful, except when it's not. 

The owner of this rattan chair sent me this photo and asked if I could make a cushion. Well sure, I could, but did she know what she wanted? "Whatever you think" was her reply. Which makes sense because I'm "the expert", right?

Believe it or not, I spent a good bit of time stewing on this because I'm much more at ease with the outer workings of furniture. The key was coming up with a cushion that was comfortable, structured but still soft, suited the casual style of the chair, but didn't look like a pool lounge.  My foam supplier was helpful and I decided to use 1" foam as the base, wrapped with upholstery dacron, then wrapped again with "stitch wrap". This is a new-to-me product that was just the ticket for giving the new cushion a pillowy look and feel.

Here's the chair with its new cute and comfy seat. Isn't the Duralee jungle fabric perfect?! Once the finish is restored, this will be a beautiful piece. 

I debated on button tufting but didn't think it would add anything to the function and might make it look more pool-ish. Turkish corners and plain navy cord seemed like the best way to go. I made a single cushion with two separate sections for the back and seat. Ties on the back help keep it in place.  Wow, there are alot of words here for one little cushion and  it sounds much more complicated than it actually was. 

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