Thursday, August 18, 2016


I love IKEA, even though I don't personally own much of anything from there beyond a few Ribba frames and my beloved salad spinner. This is mostly because it's such a long drive from my house to the nearest store so getting anything larger than a salad spinner back home is a problem, and probably also a blessing. 

A sweet couple (and dear friends) got two of these chairs and the ottoman second hand. They are super comfortable and there's still plenty of life left in the furniture but the covers were showing their age. This family has one medium kid, one little kid and a baby on the way so this stuff needs to pull its weight for the next few years.

They chose washable 10 oz cotton duck for new slipcovers in blue/gray with natural piping. After pre-washing it has a soft, slightly rumpled look that is relaxed but not sloppy.   

Here they are before: I'm not sure why IKEA does their corner pleats this way, but it's not ideal in my opinion.   

And here they are after, picture two identical chairs since I only have one...
I like my box pleats much better. Also, they have a crazy complicated way of slipcovering the ottoman with miles of zippers and velcro that would make taking it off and putting it back on exhausting and exasperating. Three little kiddos are exhausting enough so I used a streamlined  process ala Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs with a one piece slipcover that pops off to wash. 

Sadly this exact style is no longer available but IKEA does have a similar one with the same dimensions but narrower arms. It's a good thing the store is so far away because I have all sorts of ideas now! 


  1. Pam -- that looks fantastic! I would of never guessed there is an IKEA chair under that gorgeous slipcover. Beautiful job as always. -- Karen