Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Glamorous Master Bedroom Drapery

It probably seems like all I sew are slipcovers. I do a lot of them, but they are also easy to photograph and document. Window treatments are a little harder to share here, first because I'm a horrible photographer and second because since I don't usually install them, so I rarely get to see them after they are picked up. 

Here's a rare exception. This insanely beautiful master suite has a wall of sliding french doors overlooking a stunning water view. The scheme is icy blue, gray and cream with just a hint of glam. The designer chose gorgeous Thibault fabrics; a heavy silvery damask for the main drapery panels and a gray & white stripe linen for the sheer panels that peek out and softly frame the view. 

The bedroom is part of a whole house re-do, so I got to play with even more stunning Thibault fabrics and make dozens of pillows and cushions for the rest of the place. These didn't get photographed either, but they were beautiful and working with such amazing material was quite a treat! 

Fabrics and design are by Diana Phillips in Salisbury MD. 

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