Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dropcloth Slipcovers for Leather Parsons Chairs

I suspect there are lots of homes with dining chairs like this and I suspect many are in a similar condition... 

At my customer's request I used dropcloths for this set of four dining chairs. I bought them at Lowe's and used the 10 oz weight.The entire project took one 9x12 and one 6x9. I pre-washed all in hot water and  a hot dryer at the laundromat.

Here's the after:

It's a one million percent improvement with approximately $10 worth of fabric per chair. This is the only chair I have to photograph. The other three remained at home and I made 4 identical slipcovers. Hopefully I'll get a photo of the entire set.

And here's the inspiration photo: 


  1. It looks fantastic! Did the client choose the drop cloth because of the look of the fabric, or for its stain resistance (or another reason)? Do the covers need to be pressed after each laundering? I'm curious to know how the fabric performs with use.

  2. She chose drop cloth because of the cost. I pre-washed it and serged all the raw edges during construction. I don't personally have any drop cloth slipcovers so I don't know how much abuse they can take. Honestly, for a piece that's going to be washed often, I would probably go with a denim or canvas. If wrinkles are an issue for you, then I would suggest a linen look polyester.

  3. Hi, how much you will charge to make 6 like this?

  4. Yes i need 6 made as much?