Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Happiest Little Loveseat You Ever Did See

True story. One night while this homeowner was sleeping, her living room ceiling fell down. A living room full of lovely antiques and family heirlooms. Thankfully, no people were injured but her furniture was not so lucky. The surviving wood pieces went out to a refinisher and I was hired by Donna Katz/DK Designs to slipcover the upholstered ones. 

Her beloved chippendale loveseat suffered a huge gash in the upholstery. 

She fell in love with a happy Thibault print in a cheerful yellow colorway and chose traditional plaid in shades of blue for the cording and a pair of wing chairs (I'll share those later). I'm sorry for her tragedy but dang this is cute!

This fabric has a huge 35" repeat and is also fairly light weight. The original red plaid upholstery showed through so I had to line the entire slipcover. This fabric IS NOT CHEAP, so lining it will also help it wear better and longer. 

Here's a little peak at the inside with lining.

"Fishbowl" by Thibault.

This kind of reminds me of my Blue & White Cheetah loveseat, which is still for sale if anybody knows of anybody...


  1. You are so very talented!! Beautiful!!♡♡

  2. Turning a slight shade of green here - I seriously covet that loveseat! But, will be doing some reupholstery in about a year so I'm hoping that Thibault fabric will still be available - I REALLY need to learn to slipcover. Why don't you come to Winston-Salem, bring your sewing machine, spend a week with me and we can cover lots of things!!!! I'll be your new BFF! :-)
    Martha Ann Murray