Monday, September 21, 2015

Divine Intervention

Here's a pair of club chairs that simply shouldn't be. My customer had a finite amount of fabric which normally wouldn't be nearly enough for this project. We agreed that I would do my best and we'd get creative if and when we needed to. 

I'm never wasteful but this time I was scrupulous. It helped that she wanted to run the stripe horizontally, which worked in our favor in this case. Still, I never would have believed there would be enough to complete the whole job, including bias cording, from that little roll of fabric. 

My customer is a good friend (and designer) who's had a rough couple of years. I almost felt like some other force was at work here to make this happen. 

If you look closely you can see that these aren't identical. They have nearly identical dimensions but the arms are slightly different and the cushions have different filling which makes one a little firmer and more structured than the other. 

They are only chairs, but I know they're going to make her very happy.

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