Friday, December 19, 2014

Comfy Pottery Barn style sofa

The lovely owners of this sofa are leaving their long time home for a new place closer to children and grandchildren. Good for them. Knowing that said grandchildren will be now be visiting often, they decided that a washable slipcovered sofa might be a smart idea. Plus, their new place is all about a cheerful yellow and blue color palette, and the the green upholstery just wasn't fitting in with that vision.

I've used and loved the Pottery Barn brushed canvas from House Fabric before. If you want a crisp tailored look, this probably isn't the right choice, but if you want soft, comfy, extremely durable fabric, I can't recommend this stuff highly enough. At $11-12 per yard, what's not to love?

Here's the sofa wearing it's new slipcover. 

The cushions were attached to the back on the original sofa. I cut them off and made loose cushions for the back. These can now be removed for washing and are much better for fort building when the grandchildren come to play.

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