Friday, January 17, 2014

Dining chairs makeover

This homeowner, who happens to be a talented designer, had a vision for an update to her traditional dining room chairs. Her "dining room" is an area within the great room and she thought that upholstered chairs would give friendlier feel to the space. Rather than sell or store her 6 beautiful chairs, she had me give them a new look with some foam, batting and a combination of fabrics. I love how they turned out.

 There are four side chairs and two armchairs.


This is a shot of an arm chair with it's layers of foam, batting and lining. 


I love the combination of fabrics and the bias check cording against the floral chair backs. The arm chairs have concealed zippers down one side and the arm chairs have concealed velcro closures down both sides- because zippers wouldn't work around the arm opening. If she ever gets tired of this look, they can come right off and return to the original chairs.

This was such a great way to get a completely new look without buying something new.

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