Monday, April 24, 2017


This chair and it's owner are soul mates. It's her favorite spot and feels like "home." The room was ready for an update and they bought a new sofa they loved,  but there wasn't another chair to be found that gave her all the warm fuzzies that this guy did.

A large, fun ikat print and slipcover with simple design tweaks- cutting off the attached back cushion and adding a tailored skirt- transformed it into her new happy place. 

Note: The photos aren't glamour shots. This chair was too big to move inside so he had to stay in the garage for his transformation. I did my best to blur out the ladder, propane tank and assorted junk. Please use your imagination and picture it in a lovely home. 

Cute! and so happy. 

We added a skirt to it's ottoman too, and made it an additional slipcover just in case it was called into service for another room in the future...

This "fabric" is actually an inexpensive table cloth in a design the owner loved. 

The blue ikat is a different colorway of the same fabric I used on these wing chairs a few months ago.

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