Thursday, June 2, 2016

Equestrian Chic Wing Chairs

 Here's a frumpy little couple that were in need of a face lift. 

They're both burgundy but are not a matching pair. The one on the left is straight and streamlined while the one on the right is more curvy and voluptuous, kind of like many human couples. 

They arrived with two different blue & white fabrics, a stripe and a paisley. It goes against fashion advice but I knew that the skinnier chair would want to wear the stripes while the curvy one would prefer the print. The owner requested skirts for both.

Note- these are not expensive fabrics, like $10/yard not expensive. No one would ever guess that these are the same chairs. 

The paisley is an indoor/outdoor fabric from Waverly's Sun n Shade line in the "Paddock Shawl" design. It's also available in regular cotton decorator fabric, which I would prefer to use for a slipcover if asked. I'm quite sure the owner didn't realize it was outdoor fabric when she ordered it. 

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