Saturday, April 2, 2016

80's Chairs Find Zen

Don't these look like something that would have been in an OB/GYN waiting area in the 1980's? Maybe I just spent too much time in the OB waiting area in 80's, but that's the image they conjure up for me. Either way, they are ugly for sure. The floral chintz and nail head trim just an overabundance of riches. 

Queen Anne style chairs are a first for me. I usually see this style on sofas and loveseats. 

It's interesting that the cushions appear to be separate but are in fact attached. My customer wished to have them slipcovered and I felt that the cushions really needed to be separate for a good result. After she assured me that the original fabric would never see the light of day again they were easy enough to snip off.

They will be getting regular use so she chose a washable heavy denim that I would describe as "latte "  - not cream and not brown.  

Don't they look like they just emerged from a Zen retreat? So calm and relaxed. Namaste.  

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