Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Finding Thrift Store Gold

These two beauties were spotted by an eagle eyed mama at the Salvation Army last fall when she went in to buy a deal of the century Henredon sofa for her college age daughter. Everyone who has seen these sitting in my garage has gone crazy for them. 

They are top quality mid century pieces with a classic Rat Pack vibe. Can't you just see Don Draper sitting in one? 

As retro-cool as it is, the orange velvet had to go and I think the young owner did a bang up job with her fabric selection. Here they are today...

As you can see we eliminated the tufting. The fabric design didn't lend itself to it and the owner didn't like it. 

Here's a shot of the gorgeous inside back. It's almost a shame to hide it with the cushion.

This is one lucky college student. I hope she enjoys these chairs for many years to come. 

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