Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chinoiserie Chair for a Special Customer

Today my youngest child left the nest. She graduated from college in December and I've been so enjoying her company. 

But it was time and she was ready, with a great job, a great apartment and wonderful roommates all lined up. We've been having such fun dreaming and scheming about her first place and when she asked what I planned to do with this old chair in our garage, of course I answered "whatever you like!"

I'm sure you'll be surprised to learn that it's a Salvation Army special, scored on half price day for $5.

She originally wanted a leopard print but we scoured the internet for just the right fabric and nothing sparked joy. Nothing that wasn't $250/yard, that is. 

And then we came across this fabric from Vern Yip Designs- remember Vern from Trading Spaces? His vibrant chinoiserie print was just the thing to compliment her other pieces. It's traditional enough to suit the chair but also youthful and happy enough to suit the owner. She loves it. 

Here's the back...

My upholstery confidence gets a little better with each project. I stripped this guy all the way down to his skeleton and started from scratch. There were no springs, thank goodness, but he got new webbing, new foam, and new cotton batting. I  decided to eliminate the tufting because our fabric was so graphic and also because I despise covering buttons. Eventually of course, I'll have to tuft something, but in this case it was better without. 

I miss my girl already but I can't think of a better way to send my love along with her than this sweet little chair.

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  1. So beautiful and bitter sweet! I have a really cool couch that needs recovering. On your next visit maybe we can tackle it together! I will pay you of course but you can make me do all the work:)