Friday, November 27, 2015

Huge Makeover for a Huge Sectional

I really love helping make homes just a little bit happier by updating the furniture pieces that no longer bring joy to their owners. Buying all new stuff is not only expensive, it can be wasteful when the only thing you hate about your furniture is the material. It's amazing what a few yards of fabric, and possibly some simple design tweaks can do to bring back the happy. 

Before: A dark photo but you can see that she's a behemoth. You can also see that she's due for a little cosmetic surgery.

After: Donna Katz of DK Designs selected a durable greige linen look poly.  We decided to change the back pillow style from corner pleats to boxing in order to help them keep their shape. This made a world of difference. Facts and figures: This piece took 40 yards of fabric , 80 yards of cording, and about 16 yards of zippers.

This super sized chair is also happy to be wearing a nice shade of rusty red with cording to match the sofa. 

The only thing cooler than this awesome loft space is the family that lives here. I enjoyed everything about this project- except maybe the three flights of steps to get to it!

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