Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Complete Original

My daughter is a graphic design major. Near the end of their final semester the department hosts an open to the public show where each senior gets a space to create a gallery of their projects and designs.

My daughter thought it would be interesting to design her own fabric and include a 3-D piece in her gallery.  She created her design and uploaded it to a company called SPOONFLOWER. Within two weeks, her original design was transformed into yards of 54" wide cotton/linen and delivered to her doorstep. 

She found an old chair and asked me to make a slipcover for it using her fabric. 

I can think of so many cool applications for this service.You can order as little as a yard and the site has tools to manipulate your image size and repeat. How fun would it be to transform a piece of a child's art into a pillow? In addition to fabric in a large assortment of weights and widths, you can also design your own wallpaper and wrapping paper. Original wrapping paper? I love this idea!  

Here's a sneak peek of her gallery space...


  1. I love this! And I love Spoonflower! Your daughter did an amazing job, as did you on the slipcover. - Laura S.