Saturday, July 11, 2015


Did you know this type of chair is called a "Martha Washington?"

Me neither. Not until Donna texted me to ask about slipcovering one and this photo popped up on my phone. These girls are a little bit tricky because of the upholstery on the arms. 

Here's Martha now in her new traditional floral fabric, really an updated version of the original. 

With careful pinning and plenty of velcro, this slipcover really mimics the upholstery pretty well. Oh, did I mention that the original print showed through the new fabric so I had to LINE it also? Lining slipcovers isn't something that I usually do but in this case it was necessary. It adds to the cost but made a huge difference in the finished product for this particular fabric. A pair of shams in the same fabric will tie together a very pretty bedroom update.  

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