Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Parsons Chair

I never pass up a set of parsons chairs. They are absolutely the most versatile seating piece going. Anchoring a dining table, pulled up to a desk, tucked into a bedroom corner, flanking a console or pulled up into a conversation area they are workhorses when it comes to decorating. Pick up any shelter magazine on the stand and you're sure to find a parsons chair on at least one of the pages. They are also a great way to add some personality to your space. They love being slipcovered in punchy fabrics to provide just the right amount of zing. 

Here's a pair I spied on my thrifting rounds. Their previous owner suffered from a tragic lack of vision because while extremely bland and boring, they are in perfect condition and I suspect were barely ever used. 

Even though the legs are very nice I love this type of chair with a tailored skirt. Ikat print fabric in shades of gray and cream is on trend and works with almost any decorating style. 

They are for sale at The Green Doors in West Ocean City. They would look so nice paired with a painted table or dresser. 

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  1. These are beautiful. Do you have a website where you sell chair covers? I could use some for my dining room