Friday, March 6, 2015

Drop Cloth Slipcovers

Sometimes you just get sick of looking at your same old furniture and crave a change. In this case, the homeowners were ready to lighten things up in the family room, starting with their sofa and club rocker.


They wanted to use drop cloths for fabric. This practice is pretty popular right now and drop cloth slipcovers are all over Pinterest. It's a nice casual look, fairly similar to natural linen, at a much better price point.   I'm happy to use them, as long as the customer is aware of the drawbacks. While sturdy and washable, dropcloths are designed for function not beauty, so the material is a little coarse, with weave and subtle color variations throughout each one. They (she)kindly pre-washed and ironed six 4'x12' dropcloths.




 * Note: these are not the drop cloths used for this project. They were heavier weight- 10 oz. I don't recommend using anything lighter than that. 

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