Saturday, November 15, 2014

That Seventies Chair

So I spied this old girl awaiting her fate in the Salvation Army a few weeks ago. 
My heart broke. This chair is pristine. Yes, it's hideous, but back in the day, this was somebody's "good chair." In fact, it is so clean, I bet this was the chair reserved for special company like the pastor. Not a stain, not a quarter, not an old cheeto to be found. Even the arm covers were screwed perfectly into place. 

It's a solid, well made piece manufactured by Rowe, a top quality furniture company, especially back in the early 70's when this was probably made.

To see her sitting there in Salvation Army  was more than I could bear. I ponied up my pennies and brought her home with me. "This chair needs me..."  

 "All it needs is a little love."

After some love:

I know, right? The only change I made besides the slipcover was to cut off the buttons on the back cushion and add a layer of dacron over it for a little extra softness. 

Fabric is cotton duck in a fun navy & white stripe with chartreuse dots from I used deep navy denim for the cording. It's almost a perfect match to the blue stripes and does a great job of accenting the lines of the chair. 

Instead of a zipper, I used big green buttons up the back to give it even more personality.

It's heading to my booth in Lewes for sale for $360. Sold. :)