Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pottery Barn Brushed Canvas on Wing Chairs

These guys probably spent most of their life in a lovely home, with nice people and lots of love. For the past little while however, life wasn't quite so cushy and they fell on hard times. Luckily, they eventually found their way to the Habitat Restore where their obvious potential was recognized and they were rescued. sells the same brushed canvas that Pottery Barn offers for their slipcovered furniture. It's heavy but soft and yummy.  And it's only $9.95/yard. And it washes like a dream. Trifecta! 

Here they are looking all Pottery Barn and fancy.

Don't you love a happy ending? I swear these chairs are smiling! The color selection is not huge, but the choices are good neutral basics. This fabric is perfect for a sofa or chair that's going to get alot of use. Or for parsons chairs in a dining room. 

FYI- if you're not stopping by the Habitat Restore, you're missing out.  Great stuff, great prices, great cause! 

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  1. Hi- I know this is an old post, but...Im getting ready to slipcover some chairs and would like to use this fabric. I assume you pre-wash and dry the fabric. When you pre-wash the fabric, how big do the pieces need to be in order to still be workable?