Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Project Dorm Reform

The school year is about to begin and I recently did some sewing for several parents who are preparing to send their babies off to college. I know from experience that little is more challenging than trying to make a cozy nest out of the cold heartless cell that greets you on move-in day. 

Here are some of the cool things I've been working on...

Duvet covers using flags-

This one (above) is queen size and the various flags and banners take up almost the entire top. We used a huge Maryland flag and cut it up to create the design. A black twill border surrounds the entire top and also the center school flag to help make it stand out. 

  This one (below) is Twin XL size for a typical dorm single. When it's on the bed, the flag inset should take up most of the mattress. The material for both of these duvet covers are sheets. Aren't they cool? These boys have some very creative moms. 

For a girl's room, Ikat Shams and a customized bed skirt.

How cute will this room be?! That blue ikat fabric for the shams is just so cheerful. They bought 2 ready made curtain panels and had me shorten them so they can hang under the lofted bed and hide all the unattractive stuff that needs to be stored there. The hems are trimmed with burlap ribbon and pom pom fringe. Adorbs!  Here's wishing these students a great freshman year!

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