Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nautical Club Chairs

No denying that these guys have seen better days. Except for poor Mr. Ottoman, the upholstery has held up pretty well, but it's a little outdated, and definitely not suited for the boy's room where they reside. 

And Voila!

You know I love to go on and on about the fabric and  construction, but these pictures really do all the talking. The rolled arms are just my favorite, and this fabric, while heavy, was great to work with. Fun project and a fabulous result!!

I'm off for a couple of  weeks to host some very special house guests... my children! 


  1. BEAUTIFUL WORK!! I'm very impressed with the effort you gave to pattern placement and consistency between the chairs. Your attention to detail is appreciated by this gal. ENJOY your children!!

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  3. Aloha!

    I live in Hawaii and am looking for someone to make slip covers for my Drexel Heritage chairs and ottoman that look exactly like these chairs and ottoman you have done in this nautical pattern. I would be looking to use a solid colored fabric. Looks like you did these chairs about 3 years ago. Would you be willing to make slip covers for me?