Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Linen Club Chair

The owners of this chair were in the process of fluffing up their living room, hoping to spend more time there. Rather than buy new furniture, they wisely "shopped their own home" and decided to bring a swivel rocker up from the basement family room to see if it would work. Smart move because this baby is seriously comfy. It's roomy without being over sized with deep cushions- an all day Sunday nest. The original upholstery was a little to boisterous for the new space so they had me sew a slipcover from a nice neutral slubby linen. Interestingly, the fabric they chose is the same as THIS  chair without the printing on it. 

Design-wise, the exaggerated curved piece at the top of the arm wouldn't translate well if I tried to mimic it with a slipcover, so I decided to make the curve more subtle with a piped seam down the midline of the arm & back. Combined with the lovely fabric, I think this is just what they were hoping for.

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