Tuesday, July 18, 2017


When a couple built their dream house on a stunning waterfront lot at the beach, their beautiful leather sectional came along. 
It is a perfect size for seating tons of guests in the great room but it felt a little "heavy" for casual summer living. 

Linen, but even better, a poly linen look upholstery-weight fabric, gives them the perfect light and airy look with a better price point and fewer wrinkles. 

It's a little trickier to slipcover over leather. You can't stick pins into the upholstery to hold your fabric in place, and it's a slippery surface with zero grip. The square lines and loose loose cushions of this design are really the perfect scenario for slip covering leather furniture. 

I didn't snap a "before" picture, but it's not hard to picture a brown leather sectional.  When the weather turns cold and it's time to light a fire, the linen covers can be packed away and their beautiful leather seating will be ready for winter snuggling. 

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